Live from BlogHer 2011: Forgetfulness!

I’ve been so disoriented and exhausted since getting to San Diego on Thursday that I completely forgot to put up a giveaway on Friday — and when I remembered, the Internet was down at the hotel.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. So next week I’ll probably give away two things to make up for it.

After the expo hall at BlogHer, the pickings will be pretty rich. Among the things they’re handing out away:

Dr. Scholl’s orthotics and foldable flats. Advil samples. Coupons for free orange juice, dried fruit, canned pineapple and McDonald’s smoothies. Hand puppets so cute they even had grumpy old me making the girl-noise. Shampoo, body wash, mascara, mineral supplements, protein bars, cold medicine, Chapstick with an SPF of 50 (who knew?). Laundry soap, fabric softener and a new product from Scrubbing Bubbles that sprays a cleaner all over the inside of the bowl when you step on a little pump device.

Dove Bars and Skinny Cow bars, too, but obviously those aren’t getting mailed. I will say that the Skinny Cow ice cream bars were waaaaay too darned tasty for my own good. Since they’re only 110 calories apiece, I might start getting ideas.

I also have a new favorite potato-chip flavor, dammit: Lays Tomato and Basil. Damn, they were tasty.

At every turn someone’s handing you something to eat, drink or wear. Big-ticket items are being given away, too; I’m entered to win tablets and other tech-y stuff, and a high-efficiency washer and dryer plus a year’s worth of detergent and fabric softener. If I win the appliances they’ll go in the house that Abby and Tim are buying. Instant housewarming gift — just add water!

There’s tons more swag, but it’s back in the hotel room and I’m writing this from the convention center in between sessions. So again: Sorry about the lack of a giveaway, but I’m not at all sorry that I’m about to go into the Hershey’s “snacktivity” suite and make s’mores over a little Sterno pot. Because nobody parties like a CHID major.

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  1. Sounds like you’re having a ball! Tell us more, so I can live vicariously : ) Those are some cool giveaways-I must try that new Lays Tomato and Basil, I’ll take salty over sweet anytime!

  2. she blogs me, she blogs me not

    I had wondered where all the world’s freebies went… vacuumed into the great vortex of the blogging world…

  3. Holly Samlan

    Sounds like you have WEEKS of FREE giveaways to bring/ship home. Unusually, I am actually interested in some. NOTE: I only try for ones I want or that my adult kids can/would use.

  4. phillip

    sounds like you will go to waist!

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