Live from Cornwall: Blog carnivals and the Amazon winner.

Pam F. is the winner of the $20 Amazon.com gift card. She’ll use it to birthday gifts for her little sister. (Cue the girl noise: Awwww!) Thanks to all who entered.

I entered two blog carnivals this week and was happy to get into both:

On the train ride to Cornwall today I met a delightful woman who has traveled extensively and once shot photos of a tiger while riding on an elephant. She suggested accompanying me to Paris on a day trip (boy, does that sound weird) this weekend or, if the Chunnel train tickets are too costly, to tour me around Windsor (the region, not the castle).

I’m leaning toward the latter. Getting only six or seven hours in the City of Light might ultimately feel like a tremendous tease as well as a gluttonous bite from my budget. Since I’m already hoping to come back in order to visit Ireland and/or Scotland and/or Spain, perhaps I could throw France into the mix.

I’m here to visit Elizabeth Harper, who blogs at Gifts of the Journey. She and her husband, John, drove me around the neighborhood and to a village where the “Doc Martin” TV series is filmed. We saw pheasant dashing along the lanes and hedges like the Cornish version of the Roadrunner, and a number of wild ponies that were grazing so close to the lane that John had to stop the car lest he collide with their shaggy butts.

I also got to ring a bell at a 12th-century church. Elizabeth claims to have video. But she’s given me right of first refusal so If I look like a complete goon I’ll ask her to delete it.

Right now she and I are sitting side by side on her couch to update our sites, trade links and moan about writing. I’m afraid we’ve driven her husband into the sanctuary of his own computer room with our constant chatter about writing. Sorry, John, and thanks for the delicious turkey chili.

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  1. Nothing worse than a couple of chatty writers comparing notes. How nice that you two got to get together!

    • Donna Freedman

      @Reta: Yes, but I do feel sorry for her husband. Yak yak yak….

  2. lostAnnfound

    I did Paris in a day and it was a fun adventure. About 20+ years ago while visiting family in London my cousin and I decided to go to Paris. We packed up a bag with some food, got on a bus that night at Victoria Station to Dover, took the ferry to Calais and ended up in Paris about 6 in the morning. We walked almost everywhere and I saw so many beautiful things (Eiffel Tower, Sacre-Coeur, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, and many others). We got back on the bus that night at 9 or 10 and got back to my aunt’s house in London the next morning. We were exhausted, but it was so much fun!! Next time though I will take at least a 2-3 days to go back there.

  3. I think I’d nip on over to gay Paree, it would be worth it even for just a few hours. On the other hand if you’ll have another opportunity later perhaps it could wait. Thanks for the link for the Gifts of the Journey blog, it looks wonderful.

  4. Mariellen Romer

    Pffftt. The two of you writing on the couch I can picture. In fact, John might emerge long enough to take it? Funny, I feel like I’m there!

    Have fun both. I’m madly packing, and I HATES packing. To make it worse, all the clothes I fit so nice and loosely last summer when I came back (26 lbs lighter than I am now) are snug or impossible to do up and that I hates that most of all. Still, 2lbs down, 26 to go …

    Go to Windsor, would be my vote. Just allow yourself to see the country side, and actually, going into the castle is worth the trip, cost included. Paris for the next trip…you’re piling up a list of places you can stay for free!

  5. I say No to Paris. I did the whole few hours thing and total tease. I’ve never been back and it drives me NUTS. I couldn’t do any of the things I really wanted to do in Paris.

  6. Michele

    Spain is awesome. I want to do a trip to Madrid, but can’t put it on my credit card right now. Trying to be good and frugal. sigh.

  7. Victoria Fox

    Congrats to Pam F:) Good going:)

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