Meet me (for coffee) in St. Louis?

thI’m attending the Financial Blogger Conference in St. Louis next week, then staying a little while to hang out with my daughter. Saying “hello” to any readers who happen to live/work in the area would be great fun, too.

To a reader named Marsha: I’m so sorry I accidentally deleted your e-mail. Yes, I would like to have coffee and a chat, and I hope it could be on Monday morning, Oct. 21.

Is anybody else available for a cup and a jaw that day?

The place where I’m staying is near the St. Louis Bread Company, 116 N. 6th St. How early would be too early and how late would be too late in terms of people’s work/life schedules?

I could show up any time between 7 and 11 a.m. If anyone’s interested in joining me for those bottomless cups of coffee and sinfully delicious breads/pastries, please leave a comment indicating the best time frame(s) on Oct. 21.

We can talk about personal finance, writing or whatever you like. Or we could just set each other’s hair and talk about boys.

Based on interest (if any), I’ll post a time frame in the coming week. Put another way: I’ll likely end up at St. Louis Bread Company that morning no matter what, and anyone who wants to join me is cordially invited. But no pastry selfies, please.

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  1. If there is hair setting and boy talk, please post pictures!

    Enjoy your trip and be safe until you return home.

    • Cathy R-You took the words right out of my mouth. Well at least took them from the tips of my fingers!
      Have a great trip Donna.

  2. I’d love to come down but it’s a 7 hour drive each way.

  3. Carolina Cooper

    I laughed out loud at “Or we could just set each other’s hair and talk about boys.” Ha! I bet it has been almost 50 years since I have done that! Please let me know if you are ever in New England, as I would love to meet you. And please, enjoy your respite from the cold and rain of Anchorage. I’m guessing you will find ZERO termination dust in St. Louis!

  4. I’d love to meet you for coffee & I live in the St. Louis area and will be attending FinCon too. Unfortunately, I have to be back at work Monday morning. Maybe I should play hooky.

    • Donna Freedman

      What time on Monday? I’m willing to be there early-ish if folks are on their way to work.
      Come find me at the conference, or e-mail me at SurvivingAndThriving (at) live (dot) com.

  5. Nikki Lavoie

    This is a delightful post. It will be lovely to meet you. See you tomorrow!

  6. Hope you do a recap post about your experience at FinCon – I have been on the fence the last couple years but think I need to step out of my box and do it. It sounds pretty darn educational.

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