Need to cut costs? Read these books (for free).

This week’s giveaway is a pair of books by a civilian savings expert.

Danny Kofke is not a pointy-headed economist. He’s a special ed teacher in the Atlanta metro area, husband to Tracy and doting daddy of Ava and Ella. He and his wife decided that she would stay home with the kids until they were both in school. That meant very careful, very creative use of available funds.

The result was “How to Survive (and Perhaps Thrive) on a Teacher’s Salary” and the just-released “A Simple Book of Financial Wisdom: Teach Yourself (and Your Kids) How to Live Wealthy With Little Money.” Danny has offered to sponsor a giveaway of both titles.

To enter:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave separate, additional comments to get credit for each entry.

The deadline is 9 p.m. PDT on Monday, Aug. 29.

Incidentally: Although I like the use of his “survive (and perhaps thrive)” in the title, that’s not how his book came to my attention. I interviewed Danny and Tracy for an MSN Money column, “How to live well on $40,000 or less.”

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  1. It’s good to see books being written by people other than economist and so called financial experts. The information contained in books like these are much more helpful to people like myself and my family.

    Thanks for bringing the books to the attenditon of your readers.

  2. Karina House

    I’m looking forward to checking these out. My family doesn’t live on a teacher’s salary, but we do live on a one-income pastor’s salary, which so far has been less than he’d make if he were a teacher!

  3. I’d love to check out these books.

  4. Sound like interesting reads! And by a fellow Georgian.

  5. I subscribe via email.

  6. I’ve signed up to follow on twitter.

  7. Its great to get reall information from people that are like you. Working hard for a good life. 🙂

  8. sounds like a good read. I’d love to win.

  9. We’re expecting our first child in October and we’re hoping to live on one modest income, as well – I would love to read these!

  10. I also subscribe via Google Reader.

  11. I subscribe via email.

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  14. Margaret

    I am a SAHM and often feel like such an oddball. I grew up in Atlanta but now live in New England. Is it a regional difference? A generational difference? I don’t know, but I love to read advice from other families with a stay at home parent.

  15. Kristy OT

    I’d be interested to check out these books. I’m always looking for inspiration on ways to live on less money.

  16. Michele

    I would give the teacher’s book to one of my friends.

  17. Chris D.

    I love this kind of book- and to have an opportunity to own them for free is great! Thanks, Donna!

  18. Chris D.

    I follow you on facebook.

  19. Chris D.

    I also follow you by email.

  20. Carol the long winded

    I recently saw a “thrift tip” to buy a pound of cheese for $20 rather than $32 based on where you buy it. Yes, that is ONE pound of cheese for $20. More than I make in an hour. This sounds more useful

  21. Carol the long winded

    I’m on Facebook

  22. I will have two in daycare later this winter and my entire salary will now go to daycare and student loan repayments so we’ll basically be living on one wage.

    I’m interested in reading! (I wonder if one of the top tips is to limit student loans…)

  23. Carol the long winded

    And subscribe on Google Reader

  24. I follow on facebook, too.

  25. My son teaches while his teacher wife stays home with their two children. Next year, she will return to teaching after 7 years of staying at home. Every year, for a month in the summer they travel. While they are not spendthrifts, they don’t seem to suffer at all. Of course, my son has been teaching for about 20 years, so his salary is much higher than if he were a new teacher. He heeded my admonition not to get married until he was out of school and established in life. I just was surprised he waited until he was 37! He bought a home after teaching for one year, so it is probably almost paid off and both cars are paid off. It seems that one teacher’s salary has supplied them with a life of relative ease. Oh, yeah, put my name in the drawing.

  26. They both sound like interesting reads. I’d love to win!

  27. I follow on twitter.

  28. I love reading about money from everyday people, I can’t wait to read these!! Thank you for doing this!!

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  30. Following on Facebook!!

  31. stlouiskaren

    I read that story and it was great! I’d love to have an opportunity for reading the books as well –

    Thanks for a great blog.

  32. I wish to be in the drawing. thanks.

  33. Yes, I’d love to learn some new frugal ideas 🙂

  34. Sarah V

    I am married to a school teacher so I would love to find out advice for surviving on that salary!

  35. I would love to read either one of these books. Thanks.

  36. I find that books written by people who actually have to budget and watch carefully what they’re spending to get by in life, have the best advice to offer.

  37. I love books like this

  38. Sounds like a family with an interesting story to tell.

  39. Facebook too.

  40. Exciting giveaway – I can’t wait to be a good example to my son and soon to be born baby!

  41. Yes, would like to read these. Real life stories are much more interesting to me than financial theory.

  42. Now A Country Mouse

    Sounds awesome…thanks for the chance Donna!

  43. I follow your rss. Would love to read the book you are offering.

  44. I am also a twitter follower. @wmcleanw

  45. I’d love to read these books. The author has an interesting perspective.

  46. email subscriber

  47. I follow Surviving and Thriving on twitter (moeyshay).

  48. Great books! Great giveaway! Thank you.

  49. I subscribe via RSS.

  50. Jennifer

    I’d be very interested in this book.

  51. Carnette

    Gotta love free books about living on the cheap.

  52. I would love some free books on my favorite subject!

  53. I really struggled with my grocery shopping this week… it was next to impossible to stick to the budget! I could definitely benefit from books like these!!

  54. following on twitter (@parresia)

  55. I would love to win.

  56. I could really use some info on living on $40,000 or less! 🙂 Thanks!

  57. Diana Campbell

    Would love to win! Thanks

  58. Donna, glad you will be away from the storm whenever it hits! I’d always welcome some more financial books to my little “library”. Thanks!

  59. jestjack

    Count me in….always interested in a new perspective with this topic.

  60. Nice give away! Glad you got out ahead of Miss Irene, too. Thanks! 🙂

  61. Beverley

    Oooh, pick me, pick me! Monday is my birthday and this would be a wonderful present!
    By the way I love your writing and subscribe via email.
    Thank you so much for everything that I have learned from you.

  62. Sounds like an interesting book!

  63. Would love to win. Sounds like an interesting read.

  64. I follow on FB as Sel Stoute

  65. Alissa A

    I’m an email subscriber. captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  66. I’m always open to learning more! I would love to win these 🙂

  67. pls. enter me im subscribed via email

  68. Can’t wait to read free books on one of my favorite subjects. I can always learn something new to help me in this economy.
    I subscribe via email.

  69. I follow on Facebook

  70. would love to read them

  71. These books sound great.

  72. Just what I need! Would love to read these books.

  73. SherryH

    I would be interested in reading these. Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Would love to read these books. Thanks!


    these sound like a good read.

  76. Sound like great books.

  77. Sarah L

    Ohhh I would love this, we already are trying to survive on only my husband’s teacher salary, so that book sounds great, so does the other! Going to look them up at the library, and see if they ahve them too!

  78. Sarah L

    I subscribe!!

  79. michelle

    I subscribed to the rss feed (google reader). Would love the books.

  80. Caroljean

    These books would come in handy since I maybe starting all over again. Times are rough right now and I am in need of all the help I can get.

  81. I would love to win – thanks for the giveaways Donna!

  82. This giveaway couldn’t come at a better time! Facing a 10% pay decrease…as a social worker. It doesn’t get much lower than that!


  83. I subscribe via e-mail…and I love it!

  84. I’d love to win one of Danny’s books. Thanks for the opportunity!

  85. email subscriber

  86. thanks for the offer.

  87. Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti

    I would really like this book. I’m not a teacher, but I think the book would be helpful for me anyway. Thank you very much.

  88. Appreciate the opportunity to read and learn.

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