No post-FinCon meetup (yet).

thThe conference is all over, including the shoutin’, and I am as flat as week-old cola. Time-zone changes have never bothered me before but this time around I simply couldn’t fall asleep on time.

The four-hour time difference meant that even a midnight bedtime felt like mid-evening to me.

Bonus: I developed a charming habit of waking up every hour or so to see if it was time to wake up yet.

To make a short story long – a talent that came in really handy when I went back to school – I’m too tired to promise that I’d get myself to the Panera tomorrow, as I’d tentatively planned. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on the idea.


Right now my daughter and I are staying in the university district. Tomorrow I hope to get the lay of the land. If we find a place nearby that lends itself to table-camping, I’ll put it out there.

The conference was bigger and busier than ever, and it was great to see so many old friends and acquaintances. And, of course, it’s a huge ego stroke to walk through the Expo Hall and have people say, “I love your blog!”

But doing this on so little sleep has taken its toll. I’m not dangerously exhausted but I can see it from here.

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  1. You have a post on GRS (9//21). http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/2015/09/21/19-tips-for-building-your-own-food-bank/ Is there some reason you cannot post at least a mention here if not an actual link?

  2. Don’t know if this will help but I just saw this post which might help with your travels https://www.facebook.com/TheMDTA/posts/1099547850065400?notif_t=notify_me_page

  3. Cathy in NJ

    Do you still plan a meet up in Erial? Are you feeling better?

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