Phoenix, spam and an Amazon gift card.

thI’m going to be in Phoenix for about a week starting midday Feb. 16. Although my daughter and I have several jaunts planned, we’re also interested in having a blogger and/or reader meet-up.

Anybody interested?

It would almost certainly take place after the workday ends at 5 p.m. or so, although we’d certain push it further if other folks work later. We know that several other PF bloggers live in Phoenix, but are there other writers, too? And would readers be interested in hanging out with us?

The presence of readers might help us keep from being totally focused on stuff like SEO and hyperlinks. Bloggers other than Abby and me would have a chance to talk about their sites and maybe make some new fans.

If you think you’d be interested, leave a comment saying which days/times work best. This soiree would likely take place at a coffeehouse or fast-food restaurant, i.e., a place where we can sit and talk without getting kicked out.


A couple more things

Lately my spam filter has been catching triple or quadruple the amount of junk mail. It’s gotten so persistent that I’ve been opting for the “empty spam” button vs. scrolling through to see if any honest missives got through by mistake. (It happens.)

If you leave comments and/or enter the weekly giveaways, refresh the page and make sure your message was recorded. New readers (or longtime lurkers) might check back later in the day, in case I don’t approve comments right away.

Sorry that I can’t keep up with the spam. Protect your comments, or at least your contest entries, by checking back.

Finally, a regular reader and commenter named Sonya Ann has published a book called “Stratagem: A Life Perceived” on Amazon. The Kindle version is free to download until Jan. 31, and she’s staging a celebratory giveaway whose prize is a $25 Amazon gift card.

To enter, and to find out how to download the book, check this post on her blog (A Mom, Money and More). If I can’t win the card, I hope one of you does.

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  1. I’m not a blogger, just a reader of some blogs. As I happens I’ll be in Phoenix around that time (the first of the following week) please post when the meet is set, If I’m around I’d love to come. Thanks for your blog.

  2. Arlene S

    Hi Donna! As they say on the radio, long time listener, first time caller :)! I live in Phoenix and follow both you and Abby and would love a chance to see you gals. Thanks for writing on practical, interesting topics..

  3. Sadly, I can’t make it out there but I hope you have a grand time.

  4. I wish that I was in Phoenix to visit. Have a drink and think of me!
    And thank you for the link love. You are always so good to me. I nub you.

  5. Have a great time in Phoenix! I’ll be freezing my butt off here in Fairbanks, but I’ll be happy because this is my last semester AND I have a job AND I’m not afraid to type runon sentences, LOL

    • Donna Freedman

      Now Fairbanks is some cold, cold weather…When your high temperature is minus 28, that’s serious winter. Good luck with your last semester. Is your job in Alaska or elsewhere?

      • The office is in Juneau, but I’ll be all over the state for parts of the work. If you ever have time, I would love to meet up, if you’re in to that sort of thing 🙂

  6. I live in Phoenix and work full time but would like to see you as I have been reading your websites since you were in college. If is is after 5:00 p.m. or on the weekend I will really will try. I want to see you last time you were here. but I read you and your daughter every day when I have time. Thanks again.

  7. Anytime on the 17th would work well for me so long as I get it into my calendar soon 🙂


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