Phoenix: Still hot.

th-2My trip to Phoenix went as smoothly as a red-eye can, for which I am grateful. Both flights were completely full but no one was a pig about overhead bin space and thus the planes left on time.

No crying babies, either, although several of them were nearby. I even slept for the entire flight – thanks, generic Benadryl* caplet!

The winds were with us from Anchorage to Seattle, and we made it in about three hours. As I walked into the terminal I checked a monitor and realized my next flight was leaving from the same gate. Easy enough.

I ate the breakfast I’d packed** (buttered roll, apple), walked around for a while to get my legs working, and then got back on the plane and went back to sleep. About two and a half hours later I was on the ground in Phoenix.

The captain announced the temperature at 79 degrees. Manageable, I thought. But by mid-afternoon, when my daughter and I went out in search of FinCon16 clothing, it had got a lot hotter.

Hot enough that I thought, “This is definitely warmer than 79.” But since desert heat is a tricky animal, I had no way of knowing it was 102 degrees. That is, until my daughter checked the weather.

Just as northerners chuckle at those who find 30 degrees so cold, no doubt Phoenix residents would snicker at my discomfort. “Oh, this isn’t hot. Wait until it hits 112!”


And it really wasn’t unbearable – but it wasn’t what I would have chosen from a menu of ideal temperatures, either. Each time we stepped into an air-conditioned store I made what my daughter calls “the Phoenix noise.” Huhhhhaaaahhhhh….

The first stop was Walgreens for bottled water because we are bad frugalists who forgot to bring agua from home. I drank just over a quart of H20 in about 40 minutes and didn’t feel at all waterlogged. In fact, I still felt a little thirsty. Keep forgetting how easy it is to get dehydrated here, especially for someone who’d flown all night.

The heat would have been even more manageable had I put on my light cotton slacks vs. my jeans. Slow learner me. Fortunately we weren’t outdoors that much and I didn’t develop heat rash.

Abby wound up buying one knit shirt of a rich royal blue. Although I tried on a few things I couldn’t find anything flattering. Keep forgetting how much I hate shopping, too.

Technically I didn’t need anything; I brought enough shirts to get me through the conference. But I have this fantasy that The Perfect Outfit exists and that one of these trips I’m going to find it. Realistically, shopping with my daughter is more a social occasion than a true quest.


Like cats and dogs

Got lots of sleep last night and I’ve enjoyed playing with their puppy, an animal that can’t quite understand why the middle-aged cat doesn’t want to play. When Patches hisses and growls and slaps at her, Pandora takes that as, “Let’s play the pawing game! You paw at me and I’ll paw at you!” So she’ll tap the cat with her front foot and get another growl and another slash.

Even more amusing is watching the head game: Pandora leans in as though to kiss Patches and the cat growls and whips her head out to bite. Generally Pandora backs away in time, but she really does think this is a game. Eventually she’ll get nipped or the cat’s claws will connect and we’ll hear a high-pitched “yiiipe!”

No sympathy from either of her owners. Patches has thus far not even drawn blood. She’s just saying, “Back off” the only way she knows how. Eventually the two will learn to co-exist.

Should be interesting as the puppy gets larger, though – especially since one of her new games is to stand or lie down on the cat. Since Pandora will have some serious size on her one day, there may be blood.

We leave tomorrow for FinCon16. Once I’m there I’ll be posting about where to gather on Wednesday before the conference’s open-to-the-public Money Meetup. Hope to see some of you there.

*This caplet cost just under two and a half cents. Since I don’t get motion sickness, my issue was sleep rather than nausea prevention. The active ingredient in Benadryl (and its generic form) is the same as in stuff like Advil PM. Those hours of slumber were worth every two point five pennies.

**The last time I checked, a toasted airport bagel with airport butter was something like $5. No thanks.

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  1. Glad you had a good trip. Based on the heat description, sounds like I need to delay my Arizona trip until about November.

  2. Donna, I enjoy your work and pragmatic approach to life. My take on the “one” perfect outfit. A column of black in the center top- to-bottom (T or tank and pants/skirt) topped with a bright color jacket or shirt (solid color preferred, but not absolute).Possibly add fun necklace and a pair of earrings. Definitely have a pair of shoes that let you walk, walk, walk – in black, so no one notices them. It works well no matter where I have had to go, camouflages figure flaws, is very comfortable, and can become formal in a heart beat if needed. Having the components in solid colors means you can play the look up or down with a few accessories, pin/necklace, scarf and earrings. Earrings are very useful at keeping the focal attention on the head. The older I get, the more I find a scarf or a little jewelry keeps me from being boring to the observing eye. And the final pro – it is a cinch to pack enough for a 30-day trip in one suitcase, and look different every single day. Example: including what you wear on your back: 5 T’s/tanks, 3 bottoms, 4 over-shirts/suit jackets. Love onebag.com for teaching me this-that guy is brilliant. Have a wonderful time with your sweet daughter and keep on living your life intentionally.

    • Donna Freedman

      Sounds practical yet attractive. I definitely go with the black pants and black shoes all the way, and a blouse that can be laundered and ironed in the room if need be. Probably won’t be, this time: I packed four of them!

      Thanks for reading, and for leaving a comment.

  3. I do agree with Bri as it sounds like I prefer to dress. For a cooler look, I like a solid pants and top with a black jacket. Okay, my solid is red…lol…with the black jacket or sweater over it. Earring, big ones, are my preference, one bracelet. Plus, I have a silk cotton duster sweater in red that works in warm weather, but not 102. It is light weight so not hard to pack. In warm weather, there is no jacket or sweater.

    One year when I injured my knee and spent the summer sitting at my computer with my foot up on my computer table waiting for surgery, I read all the packing tips and planned a trip to Australia, plane tickets and itinerary. I took my carryon and packed it, shoes and clothes and all necessities. I planned to buy 3 pair of silk panties (quick dying) instead of carrying my white granny panties. My carryon was only 2/3 full. Then, I added more easily dried and lightweight clothing. I discovered I could spend several weeks with only a carryon.

    I never went to AU, but I did not go crazy that summer!

  4. Sonya Ann

    “social occasion than a true quest.”-And that made me miss my Anna girl. She is a great second hand shopper!
    She promised now that she is a grown up and has a real teaching job, she will spend some time here in the summer. Avoiding the AZ summer might also be a factor.

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