See you at North Point Mall tomorrow.

th-1Feels like I just got here. Where has the week gone?

Tomorrow (Saturday, Feb. 27) is the Surviving and Thriving meet-up at the North Point Mall food court in Alpharetta, Ga. I’ll be hanging out there with my laptop from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

But I’ll definitely put it aside if you drop by — and since I don’t have a smartphone to stare at  you’ll have my undivided attention. No checking e-mail or tweeting about the soft pretzels. I promise.

What will we talk about? That’s up to you.


Money? Writing? Our kids? Frugality? Lifeitsownself? As previously noted, our choice of topics is limited only by our imaginations and the fact that this is a public venue.

I’m looking forward to meeting people whose names (or user names) are familiar to me from the Comments section. Lurkers are also welcome, of course.

To those who’ve never been south of the Mason-Dixon line, I can tell you that the hospitality down here is real. I’ve had a swell time with my hostess, Beverly Harzog, who has provided supremely comfortable accommodations, an adorable Maltese to spoil and a trip to a diner that’s as good as those in New Jersey. Since that diner is just past the North Point Mall, I now know that the traffic isn’t nearly as bad as I’d been led to believe.

Hope to see you there on Saturday.

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  1. Tina in NJ

    No way! Jersey diners rule! (Although the last time I went to one, the “crispy bacon” in my BLT cracked a tooth!)

    • Donna Freedman

      Jersey diners do rule, but this one was a close copy. I had a wonderful Greek salad, very fresh ingredients. Plus the place had the obligatory Giant Cakes.

  2. As for “smart phones” IMHO it’s an epidemic and not limited to gals. I was cleaning out my folks vacation property that had been sold this week and watched the guy hired by the new owner with his “smart phone” work on the outside of the property for the home’s removal. DW and I worked intently on packing stuff up without interruption as our phones aren’t smart and were “asleep” in the truck. I watched as this guy stopped constantly to check his phone….send a message…make a call…or chat. Needless to say a lot didn’t get accomplished. On the other hand we were packed, loaded and tarped in 4 hours. And these “smart phones” are supposed to make us more efficient? Not hardly….

  3. Make Do Mom

    Donna, the meet-up was so much fun. It was a delight to visit, learn and share with you. Aside from the “no adults on the carousel horses” rule it was a perfect day. Thanks for being so accessible to this fan.

    • Donna Freedman

      I really enjoyed it, too. Bummer about the carousel, indeed; I’d already picked out the lion I wanted to ride.

      And re that stuff we discussed: Let’s be supportive, i.e., let’s hold each other accountable.

  4. katherine

    Oh man! I am sorry I missed it. I haven’t been reading much of your blog lately (working full time and two toddlers) so I blame myself. Come back soon!

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