A sick-day roundup.

Some people who visit Florida bring back postcards, or ashtrays made out of seashells. I brought a virus: sore throat, chest-tightening cough and general malaise. I’m achy and wheezy (two dwarfs whom Snow White never mentioned) and the switch in time zones messed with my sleep both there and back at home.

Worth it, though, because I got to see my father and stepmom plus my sister, brother great-nephew. I even met a reader named Cheryl, who lives in the area and met me and Dad at Dunkin Donuts for a stimulating discussion about money and life.

Finished the rough draft of the new Playbook For Tough Times while I was there, too. Now all I have to do is edit it, work with the formatter and the cover-design guy, write a press release and start in on promotion.

At that point my inability to take a deep breath will, with luck, be figurative rather than literal. However, if this crud is the same one everyone else has been talking about I could be stuck with it for weeks.


A few more things to share

According to a NerdWallet study, just 10 percent of us have figured out how to money. Are you the one in 10 in your peer group? Take the financial health survey to find out.

This is a long, painful and amazing piece of writing: “From kidnapping to kids, my life on and off the rock.”

I was Day 10 in the Financial Literacy Month interview series on the Enwealthen site.

Those giveaways at my site and my daughter’s end on Tuesday, April 18. Sign up here and get a chance to win an Amazon Echo Dot. Sign up over there and you’ll be in the running for a Samsung VR headset.

Now I’m off to take an Advil and fill the tub with the hottest water I can stand, and maybe remind myself that an asthma-triggering virus is still way better than having my face smashed into an airline seat’s armrest. Travel is getting chancier all the time.

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  1. Put some epsom salts in that bath and knock back some vitamin C. If I were closer, I’d leave some chicken soup on your porch.

  2. It was a pleasure to meet you & your Dad, and chatter away some of my Sunday morning!!
    I’m so sorry our lovely sunny weather gave you the crud 🙁 hope you feel better soon!
    Very much looking forward to your next book!!

    • Donna Freedman

      We both enjoyed meeting you. And now that I know you live in Tarpon Springs, I’ll have someone new to bug there! Maybe we could take a walk in that park you mentioned.

  3. Thanks for the mention!

    Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. I’ve a bit of a cold today myself, no fun but nothing as bad as what you sound like. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  4. Wow! The Beth Rodden story was amazing. I joke that cancer in my early twenties cured me of my perfectionism. I have some lingering perfectionist tendencies but compared to her, I am one giant slacker.. I can say with certainty that kind of intensity can be a killer! I hope she continues to grow into herself and can learn to accept herself with loving care, “flaws” and all.

  5. Cathy in NJ

    The dirty tray table did it.

  6. Hope you’ve recovered from the Bug from Hell by now. Took me six weeks to get over it…well, mostly.

    Hey…I have an idea about the book. I’ll e-mail you. More to come…

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