Slash your grocery bill with this free webinar.

thWant to cut your food bill? Jump-start the process with the “Grocery Couponing 101” webinar, jointly sponsored by Savings.com and LearnVest.

The free program, designed to reduce your supermarket spending by up to 50%,   takes place from 8 to 9 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, April 4. Presenters are Andrea Deckard of SavingsLifestyle.com, Lauren Greutman of I Am That Lady and Ellen Derrick, a certified financial planner with LearnVest.

Just how much can you learn in an hour? So glad you asked.

The three main topics:

  • Shop smarter: Avoid everyday supermarket snares.
  • Realistic couponing: What an idea! Use them to your best advantage, i.e., to save the biggest bucks.
  • Meal planning made simple: Get practical tips for menus that save you the most while satisfying the people for whom you cook.

Obviously you can’t learn everything there is to know about strategic couponing in an hour – but this is a pretty good start. The presenters will also send out information on in-person classes sponsored by DealPros around the country.

(Want a look at currently available programs? Visit this Savings.com link. Maybe there’s a class in your region.)

Space is limited in the free online seminar – if you’re interested, register now. By doing so you’ll also be signed up for the “Cut Your Costs” boot camp from LearnVest, a free e-mail program designed to help you:

  • Lower your bills: Information on how to negotiate better rates as well as to teach yourself cost-cutting measures.
  • Save on what you love: Ways to cut costs on the things you need and to weed out the things that don’t make you happy.
  • Reach your financial goals: With the additional wiggle room in your budget, you’ll be able to create and reach financial goals that much quicker.

The bootcamp is done at your own pace, vs. the one-night-only webinar. Either one could help you get control of your finances.

Note: The sign-up URL contains an affiliate link, i.e., I earn a small finder’s fee for every person who uses it to register.

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  1. Melinda

    This is certainly an area I could use some help with. Our grocery bills are astoundingly high, even with coupons. My trouble is, most of the coupons are for foods I don’t buy, so I will be interested to see what they have to say. Thanks Donna!

    • Donna Freedman

      You’re welcome, Melinda. I hope you find the webinar helpful. (And I sure wish they doubled coupons here in Anchorage, but no one does. Pooh.)

  2. Holly Samlan

    As I read more & more saving, frugal & food/gocery blogs I am seeing that double coupons is going the way of the T-rex.

    We NEVER had them here in metro Chicago.

    • Donna Freedman

      Never had them in Anchorage, and only occasionally in Seattle (and then limited to three). Sigh.

  3. For me the most important thing when it comes to shopping is not getting drawn into the offers displayed by the supermarket. It’s marketing and never actually good value!

    • Donna Freedman

      Yep. I’ve seen “great deal!”-type signage on an end cap, only to find the same price on that product where it usually sits. But if people perceive that it’s a “sale” price, I bet plenty will pick up two or three.
      “Know what things cost” is one of the primary tips that grocery savers offer. Simple, but true.
      Thanks for reading, and for leaving a comment.

  4. So glad I found this today, there are actually a few workshops in my local area and now I am registered for 2 of them and the free webinar 🙂

    • Donna Freedman

      Great, Sofia. The regional classes take place on a fairly regular basis, so you could always attend again in a few months to sort of shore up anything you would like to improve — or, better still, to share your progress with first-timers.

  5. ron massengale

    everytime I get on one of the coupon web sites,they want a lot of information and then start flooding you with e-mails.any sites where they don’t do this?

    • Donna Freedman

      I’d like to think that neither Savings.com nor LearnVest will spam you. Since it’s impossible to know which sites will inundate you and which won’t, I always use a secondary e-mail address for any offer.


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