Sucre shock: Sweet treats from New Orleans.

choc_nola15_9Remember those gorgeous French macarons I gave away a few months ago? The sponsor of that offer, the Sucré Sweet Boutiques and Confection Studio of New Orleans, is at it again.

No, it’s not a king cake (even though that’s a specialty confection often associated with New Orleans). This time around the giveaway is in the universal language: chocolate.

Not just any chocolate, either: Sucré is giving away a 15-piece New Orleans Chocolate Collection.  

That’s three each of the following flavors:

  • Avery – Caramel milk chocolate ganache in dark chocolate that’s been sprinkled with salt
  • Chicory – New Orleans-style coffee folded into a dark chocolate ganache, then encased in more dark chocolate
  • Magnolia – Pecan ganache enrobed in dark chocolate, then topped with candied pecans
  • Meunière – Brown butter mixed with white chocolate ganache and encased in dark chocolate
  • Blangé – White chocolate ganache that’s flavored further with banana and rum and then dipped in white chocolate

Imagine bringing these to a Labor Day cookout, or to your last weekend at the lake. Then again, you may not want to share these delights. (I wouldn’t!)

Note: The confectioner will ship only to the contiguous United States, so I’m afraid this giveaway is only for residents of the Lower 48 only. That is, unless you live elsewhere and want the chocolates delivered to someone who lives “Outside,” as we Alaskans call it. Whoever receives it will owe you. Big-time.

To enter:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave separate, additional comments to get credit for each entry.

The deadline is 7 p.m. PDT Tuesday, Aug. 27. If I don’t hear back from the winners by 7 p.m. PDT Wedesday, Aug. 28, I’ll pull another name.

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  1. Yummy, chocolate!

  2. I already subscribe via email. 🙂

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  4. Excuse me while I clean up the drool on my keyboard.

  5. I follow you on facebook.

  6. WOW!!! If I win and don’t eat it all myself it is a PERFECT gift for my DIL who just ‘might’ be a bigger chocolate nut than I am.

  7. Sounds Delicious! I love chocolate!

  8. Would sure love to win this one!

  9. I also subscribe by e-mail.

  10. I would love to win!!!

  11. meredith

    These look so yummy!

  12. meredith

    I follow you on facebook

  13. Wow, that looks delicious!

  14. Katherine

    I love chocolate!

  15. chocoalte. An essential food group for me.

  16. I subscribe via. RSS feed.

  17. I am a Facebook fan

  18. I follow surging and thriving on Twitter.

  19. Those look delicious. Hope I win!

  20. I subscribe to your RSS feed via Newsblur.

  21. lake livin'

    Come to Mama!

  22. What a decadent treat these would be, yum!!!

  23. Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. I follow you on Facebook.

  25. I subscribe via email.

  26. Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. email subscriber

  28. facebook fan

  29. Sarah VanDeventer

    Looks delicious!! I love the unusual flavors!

  30. Sarah VanDeventer

    I am also a facebook fan which is how I came across the lovely chocolate pictures this morning!

  31. Oh, Yum!

  32. I subscribe via email. Thanks!

  33. Chocolate and salt is the best….

  34. Also by email

  35. And I also ‘like’ on Facebook!

  36. Oh yum! Especially the chicory chocolate!

  37. Frances

    I totally need this!

  38. Frances

    follow you on facebook.

  39. Frances

    follow you on twitter.

  40. Frances

    subscibe via email.

  41. Mmmm! They look beautiful, and sound wonderful!

  42. rosarugosa

    I follow on Facebook and subscribe via e-mail, and I love chocolate!

  43. I subscribe my email—-these look great!

  44. Heather

    Feeling nostalgic…lived in N’awlins for a while. 😉

  45. What a nice treat!

  46. Oooooo chocolate!!

  47. I also subscribe via email.

  48. Who doesn’t love chocolate?

  49. I also am a Facebook fan.

  50. Ellen G

    These would be a little bit of New Orleans to enjoy & savor!

  51. Veronica A.

    Oh, chocolate, I LOVE YOU!

  52. Veronica A.

    I subscribe via RSS

  53. Veronica A.

    I also subscribe via email – don’t wanna miss anything!

  54. Ro in San Diego

    I subscribe by email

  55. Tracy Stone

    Well. I am delighted with my blogging e-book that I won and I normally just wouldn’t enter again so soon, but it’s chocolate! So here’s my comment. 😉

  56. Tracy Stone

    I subscribe by e-mail

  57. Ro in San Diego

    I subscribe by Facebook too. Having come from France recently I must say they know how to make candy and macarons.

  58. Tracy Stone

    and facebook and twitter

  59. Shane C

    These look absolutely delish! =)

  60. Carolyn

    Donna, I swear if I win I will share them with YOU…even pay the shipping to you!

  61. Yum!

    I am an email subscriber yoo

  62. Terry P.

    Great gift (or not!)

  63. Terry P.

    Facebook too.

  64. MMMMMmmmmm chocolate! Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. Debbie Kelson

    Yum! I also subscribe via Facebook.

  66. Pamela B.

    I subscribe with Bloglovin’. I have always wanted to go to New Orleans and am unable to. This would be a nice way to get a “taste” of New Orleans,if I won!

  67. mrs short

    I don’t think I’ve wanted one of your giveaways more than I want this one! These look heavenly, and not something I would ever buy for myself! (I follow on Facebook)

  68. mrs short

    And Twitter!

  69. mrs short

    And I subscribe via email as well.

  70. ImJuniperNow

    Get me a cigarette. I just had a chocolate-asm.

    I’m an email subscriber. And I check my emails more now, thanks to you!

  71. Catseye

    Holy Smoley! If I can’t get to the Big Easy, at least let me have a taste of it. ;o)



  73. Julie Wood

    I have heard that these are so delicious! I would love to taste these delicious chocolates!

  74. Julie Wood

    I am an email subscriber.

  75. Julie Wood

    I follow on Facebook
    Julie Wood

  76. What girl doesn’t want chocolates? Count me in.

  77. I subscribe via RSS.

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  79. Samantha

    Gosh these look good!

  80. Samantha


  81. One of my favorite quotes – “Forget love, I’d rather fall into chocolate!”

    Would love to win this!

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  83. my mouth is watering these look so good

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  88. Mmmm, love chocolate!

  89. Yum!

  90. Maybe I could parlay these into TastyKakes being sent to me up here….

  91. Never had a chance to go to New Orleans, so a little taste would be great!

  92. you know I am your facebook friend!

  93. I follow on twitter of course!

  94. I get your emails!

  95. Michelle K.

    I follow on Twitter and FB and I would LOVE to win this. (Especially since I am an unabashed chocoholic. ) 😀

  96. Pamela Sheppard

    I’ve sworn off chocolate candy since march….but for these I would indulge again!

  97. Pamela Sheppard

    I get email

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    I also follow on facebook!

  99. malrene

    Chocolate-mmmm, yummy

  100. Joan V.

    The chocolate looks wonderful. I subscribe via email.

  101. Joan V.

    I also follow you on Facebook.

  102. I don’t think I will share !

  103. already a facebook fan, occasional commenter. But this is only the second giveaway i’ve entered.

  104. Would love to win! Thanks.

  105. I subscribe via email.

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  107. Lilypad

    I’ve never been to New Orleans but I’d love to try the chocolates!

  108. Lilypad

    I follow you on Facebook.

  109. Lilypad

    …and I’m an email subscriber of some duration. 🙂

  110. They look delicious.

  111. Kristen Fending

    MMM…why can’t chocolate be a low-cal health food? But seriously, I’ve been a fan of yours since you were writing for MSN about being a college student and making food stretch, such as picking neighbors’ fruit trees and making tons of jam.

  112. Linda B.

    Yes! Yes! YES! (Think Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally …”)

  113. Christine

    Mmm..goodies from NOLA. Yes!

  114. Christine

    Email subscriber 🙂

  115. Christine

    Facebook fan 😀

  116. Cynthia


  117. I have been toying with signing up for twitter but couldn’t really decide. You have inspired me and I actually found some great people to follow. Thanks.

  118. Paula P.

    Sounds like a treat I’d love!

  119. Paula P.

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    And I follow you on twitter.

  121. Paula P.

    And I follow you on fb.
    Thanks for sharing your yummy treats with us.

  122. Valerie

    Great giveaway!

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  125. My husband would be in heaven.

  126. conee corning banks

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  127. conee corning banks

    Love your blog!

  128. These look delicious, especially the magnolia chocolates. Thank you for the giveaway.

  129. I subscribe via email.

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  131. Yum! These sound delicious.

  132. Melissa F

    I am a sucker for chocolate. These sound quite tempting, especially the white chocolate banana-rum combo and the heavenly chocolate, caramel and salt. YUM!!! Please enter me.

  133. Debbie Rose

    I follow you on email.

  134. i’m here and on email!

  135. Please help a confirmed chocoholic, Donna. There is no Chocoholics Anonymous….but maybe there should be!

  136. Best giveaway yet!

  137. Being a woman and from the South, how could I NOT like a confection called Magnolia?!

  138. I am an email subscriber.

  139. I also follow you on F/B.

  140. I hope, I hope, I hope…..

  141. I follow on twitter.

  142. I subscribe via email.

  143. I’d love a chance to win, thanks!

  144. Mary (of DOOM)

    Mmmmm….chocolate…these look amazing!

  145. Melissa

    Ohhhh…these look amazing! Yum. Thank you for sharing….and I’d love to win. 🙂

  146. Melissa

    And I subscribe by e-mail. Thanks!

  147. Oh, yum!

  148. What is better than chocolate?

  149. That and a big bottle of wine would be the start of an awesome week 🙂

  150. Meghann

    I would absolutely love to send these to an awesome couple I met down in Louisiana. They have since moved out of state but miss the area very much.

  151. Oh my goodness, this would be heaven and my birthday is this week!!!!

  152. Claudia Jane

    These sound amazing.

  153. I don’t think these would make it past my front porch. There’s a good chance I’d sit down right then and there and savor them all!

  154. Chocolate from New Orleans… how wonderful.

  155. Can I still enter?! Pick me, please!

  156. I have chocolate blood. So I need those!

  157. Cindy Brooks

    Knowing how amazing the food is in NOLA, I’d love to try these!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  158. Cindy Brooks

    e-mail subscriber
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  159. Cindy Brooks

    I like you on facebook
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  160. Alejandro G.

    Hope I win! Makes an excellent surprise present for the wifey. 🙂

    I already follow you on Twitter: @AGalaviz911

    Subscribing by e-mail now!

  161. Oh Donna, Oh!!!!!!!!!! Send some sweet ‘Orleans my way!

  162. I think I could “force” myslef to try these out for you if I win. ;)TY!

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