Sunday: Meet us at Smashburger.

thSan Diego-area readers: Any chance you can have lunch on Sunday?

I’ll be at the Smashburger on Laning Road starting at about noon. My daughter, Abigail Perry, will be with me.

And if you’ve already eaten? Stop by anyway, have a cold drink and money-nerd-out with the two of us.

If you’re looking to do some early Christmas shopping, we’ll both have our books there:

Frugality For Depressives: Money-Saving Tips For Those Who Find Life A Little Harder” (hers)

Your Playbook For Tough Times: Living Large On Small Change, For The Short Term Or The Long Haul”  (mine).

Best of all: The FinCon16 discount will apply.


We’ll probably have some funky FinCon swag to share. Longtime reader and commenter Ro in San Diego has already scored in this manner: When she attended Wednesday’s open-to-the-public Money Meetup, she found herself the proud owner of a portable luggage scale, courtesy of PenFed Credit Union’s goodie bag.

While I’m not saying all the swag will be that good, I have seen some fun stuff. Whatever you guys don’t take will end up in yet another Big Box of FinCon Swag Giveaway.

The exact address is 2556 Laning Road. If I were rich I’d buy you all some deep-fried green beans; at this point, however, I’m afraid it’ll be Dutch treat. Smashburger has chicken sandwiches and also vegetarian options in addition to beefy, beefy burgers.

Oh, and about that discount: Both Abby’s book and my own will be available for $7 apiece. To quote an ad from an Anchorage store, “bring your gunnysack and fill ’er up.” Or again, just talk money, frugality, finance and lifeitsownself. Hope to see you there.

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  1. RoInSanDiego

    I will see you there.

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