Sunday meetup is no more!

thI was really looking forward to saying “hello” to some readers in person. Unfortunately, the plan has changed.

Abby has been sick for two days. We’re going to stay at the hotel until checkout time, so she can rest, and then head back to Phoenix.

The next time I’m in San Diego I’ll make it work. That is, unless that’s my turn to be sick.

Really sorry that this didn’t happen, but I can’t ask her to add an extra hour to the already long travel day — or to sit in a restaurant that smells like French fries.


On the bright side:

I shook Clark Howard’s hand and told him that DF is a giant fanboy who loves Howard’s show.

I met a lot of nice people and picked up a lot of business cards.

I sold a copy of Abby’s book quite by accident in the expo hall when I displayed it at the Fiverr booth. A young man who provides financial counseling for college students — some of whom also experience depression — looked at it and said, “I need that!” He sent me the purchase price via PayPal and walked off, very pleased with his find.

I am carrying home a boatload of swag for the next giveaway. Stay tuned.

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  1. Take care of yourselves.

  2. Valerie OConnor

    Here in CO something awful is going around. My husband has been in bed all weekend and feels like he’s swallowing razor blades. 🙁 Hope Abby feels better fast!

    • Donna Freedman

      Thanks. We’re staying another night, unfortunately, because there’s no way she can be in a car for six hours. I’m glad her throat isn’t sore.

  3. Hi Donna!

    I hope Abby is feeling better. I’m reading her book right now (I purchased it right after I read yours). 🙂

    I don’t suffer depression too often and my heart goes out to her. I’m so thankful she had the courage to help others by writing her book.

    I will have more empathy now for sure. It’s easy to believe that you have to manage your money a certain way to be considered frugal. I understand now that especially with people with special circumstances (like some family members of mine), the best they can do to be frugal is sometimes the best they can do.


  4. Lake Livin'

    I’m so sorry Abby is sick, ESPECIALLY knowing how much she looks forward to this conference every year. I hope she’s feeling better.

    And I’m totally in awe that you got to meet Clark Howard! I used to live in Atlanta; he’s a big deal!

    • Donna Freedman

      I wanted to thank him in person for doing a blurb for “Your Playbook For Tough Times.” He was super-busy but I had inside information: Liz Weston told me she was doing a Facebook Live program with him at a certain time, so I followed her down there and pounced. 🙂

      • Lake Livin'

        That a girl! Way to seize the opportunity. And since you were with Liz, you didn’t look like a crazy fan, but rather a seasoned professional. 😁

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