Sweet and spicy treats.

Last week I was invited to a party affiliated with the BlogHer conference in New York City. Since it took place the night I arrived and since I met the entrance criteria (blogger, 45 or older) I accepted. The sponsor was Boombox Network, an “online social media collective” for Baby Boomers.

(It’s always a surprise to realize that yes, I am a Boomer even though I never really associate myself with that group.)

Boombox throws a nice party and I met some very interesting women. Afterward the organizers told us to help ourselves to the lovely snacks that had been set out. Some of these were unopened and will remain so — until this week’s giveaway receives them.

Does the photo of Lavender Pecan Brittle hold any appeal? If not (or if so), there’s always the New Mexico Red Chile Caramel Corn?

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • Lavender Caramel Corn and that New Mexico corn mentioned above — Each is a 3-ounce bag.
  • Pecan Cinnamon Caramel Corn — This one is an 8-ounce bag.
  • Mango Chipotle Zinger Almonds — Ten ounces of a treat that sounds so good I had to force myself not to open the bag.
  • Lavender Pecan Brittle — A 12-ounce jar of indulgence.

The popcorn and brittle are from C.G. Higgins, an artisan chocolate and candy company headquartered in Santa Fe. Those intriguing almonds are courtesy of Olomomo Nut Company in Boulder.

These are some nice goodies. The savory ones would go nicely with adult beverages on a warm summer evening. The pecan brittle is too good to share, so don’t tell anybody if you win.

Here’s hoping I can bubble-wrap it well enough that the popcorn doesn’t end up in little crumbles. Of course, then you could just consider it an ice-cream topping.

To enter:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave separate, additional comments to get credit for each entry.

The entry deadline is 6 p.m. PDT Monday, Aug. 14. The winner must respond by 9 p.m. PDT Tuesday, Aug. 15.  In other words: If you enter this giveaway, check your e-mail!

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  1. Katie B

    I like hearing about your travels and conferences. i hope you do a wrap up of blogher!

    • Donna Freedman

      @Katie B: I didn’t actually attend BlogHer. I just got invited to this shindig because, well, I’m old. 😉

  2. My mouth is watering! Thanks for the giveaway.

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  4. I’m a subscriber and I’d love some treats!

  5. sweet treats! eek-love it.

  6. all of these sound very intriguing!

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  9. Rebekah

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Rebekah

    I subscribe by RSS.

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    I follow you on Facebook.

  12. Susanne Nielsen

    Mmmm . . . love some treats!

  13. Susanne Nielsen

    . . . and I follow on RSS feed. 🙂

  14. Janine Calhoun

    It would be good to try treats and enjoy New York central park.

  15. Ooh Yum!
    I’d love to give lavender a try!

  16. Mmm candy.

  17. I follow you on Facebook.

  18. we love food! Free food is even better!

  19. I read all of your blogs. I really enjoy reading your work.

  20. Danielle

    Hi! I need this!

  21. Danielle

    I subscribe via RSS and still need this!

  22. Danielle

    I also follow on twitter and omg I need these sweets!!

  23. Mrs Short

    Mmm… Sounds yummy! I follow via email.

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    And I’m a fan on Facebook!

  26. vickie J

    nice delicious giveaway!

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  30. dee coye

    Love any treats.

  31. Barbara

    I SO don’t need the treats but would still be very happy to win them!

  32. Love Popcorn and Nuts. Subscribe via e-mail and FB

  33. Valerie

    Those look delicious!

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  37. I would love to win these. Everything sounds sooo delicious.

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  39. These sound amazing!

  40. thanks for the chance!

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  42. Meghan in Jersey

    I’ve been a subscriber since way back when you posted via the Sii Coyote messaging feature!
    Please, please, please let me win the brittle!
    You could deliver it in person if you have time to get together while you’re in state!

  43. Meghan in Jersey

    I also subscribe via email. And would share my treat with you. 😉

  44. Elizabeth


  45. Elizabeth

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    I’m a “Like” on your FB page, too.

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    I follow via RSS and would love to get the candy

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    And now I follow you on Twitter, too.

  50. Mara McBain

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  52. The flavors sound interesting…would love to try them. Thanks for the generous giveaway!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

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    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  55. Samantha

    Those treats sound delish!

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  58. Yum, can’t believe you didn’t eat it yourself! I would have.

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    • Love reading your articles! Give me anything sweet or salty and I am a goner, so please enter me!

  61. I subscribe via rss feed

  62. I too am classified as a baby boomer, but it seems like that is not my generation, I identify with the group one year behind me. Must be because I am the oldest child, so I go with the rest of the family. goodies look outstanding

  63. Pick me! Pick me! If I win two things in a row, I can say I’m on a roll……

  64. Tracy Stone

    Yum-o! Think I could keep them long enough to use for Christmas presents? 🙂

  65. Tracy Stone

    I subscribe by e-mail

  66. Sounds seriously good!!!

  67. I would LOVE to win these – not for me (I’m watching my food intake at the moment), but to share with my friends at work!

  68. I already subscribe via email, and I love seeing your blog posts in my Inbox …

  69. … and I already follow you on Facebook 🙂

  70. SherryH

    I would love to try all of these! Thanks for the opportunity. (The big trick if I win will be distracting my teenage chow hounds!)

  71. Would love to try one of these treats! Thanks for the opportunity.

  72. I too would love those treats!

  73. They all sound yummy!

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  76. I follow you by email and facebook…and I read all your links to all the articles you write.

  77. hmbalison

    Can I just say, “Yummy!”


    I was born and raised in NM, but now live in NC. I sure do miss NM food! I was raised on spicy food and anything spicy is right up my alley!

    Love your blog!

  79. Ro in San Diego

    I follow you on Facebook.

  80. Ro in San Diego

    I follow you via email and must say your self-control is commendable as is your generosity.

    If these treats were offered to me you’d see me a few minutes with shards of peanut brittle all over me!

    It sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

  81. jestjack

    What a hoot! Thanks for sharing your travels in NY…I can only imagine what my reaction to the prices in the “Big Apple” would be. Would love to win some of the goodies!

  82. Thank you so much for sharing these delicious snacks with your readers. The almonds, especially, have me intrigued.

  83. I subscribe to your emails

  84. I follow in twitter (moeyshay)

  85. Sounds like awesome treats!

  86. It was an unexpected wonderful surprise to see you at the party. I was having so much fun meeting all the bloggers I didn’t even try the treats.

    • Donna Freedman

      @Kay Lynn: I was surprised and happy to see you, too. I assumed I wouldn’t know a soul there. (But I left knowing lots!)

  87. Aunt Jenny

    Those sound really good, would love to try them. Thanks for offering up another great giveaway!

  88. Those treats sound so good!

  89. I follow you on Facebook.

  90. I subscribe via email.

  91. I am beyond impressed that you could resist opening those snacks.

  92. I subscribe by my work e-mail

  93. I also subscribe by my personal e-mail

  94. I also follow on facebook. (I don’t want to miss a thing!)
    I’d probably follow on twitter too, but that is one social media outlet that I haven’t quite embraced. Somehow, I can’t see the point.

  95. oh, any of these would be wonderful to share with my mom…..

  96. ImJuniperNow

    I’d eat dog food peanut brittle, even if it is Monday, August 13th and not Monday, August 14th.

  97. Sandra J

    Enter me please. Did you win???

  98. Janice B

    “Boomers are us” Sometimes i don’t feel old enough to belong, but i suppose i need to face reality. At age 55, was able to get in the food line for elders at a city-wide picnic this weekend, thereby cutting my waiting time in half!

  99. This sounds very tasty, thanks Donna!

  100. Lisa Under the Redwoods

    Yum? I would love to be entered into this contest.

    Thank you!


  101. Lisa Under the Redwoods

    Oh, and I get your e-mails, too.

  102. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  105. OMG …this looks yummy…..please enter me!

  106. Goodies! Even better, free goodies!

  107. Lavender? Chile? YUM!

  108. SHARONA

    ooh, num nums!!!

  109. Donna, are you considering selling it a bargain price like you did with the specialty coffees you won years back , trouble is eating these often can be pricy , wonder if one can bake it, garden herbs too, folks I hear grow certain vegetables and herbs in the garden,
    and they sort of enjoy it even if the yard isn’t tropical and small.

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