victorias-secret-fantasies-pure-daydream-valentines-day-mini-gift-setI wonder who makes up the fragrance combos for places like Victoria’s Secret? Is it the same person who writes the descriptions of these products?

Like the folks who give new names each season to basic colors of paint, fabric and cosmetics, these people have interesting imaginations.

I thought of that as I read the description of this week’s giveaway, the “Pure Daydream” gift set: Its fragrance is touted as “pearl orchid and pink currant.”

Anybody know offhand what those things smell like? Me either.

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Got any hair freaks on your holiday list? This week’s giveaway, sponsored by Folica.com, can help you out.

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The first BlogHer 2011 giveaway is a whole bunch of items designed to make you feel good about yourself, both figuratively and literally.

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