Neurotic Workaholic is the winner of the six different kinds of Godiva chocolate. Congratulations, and  I hope you can power down long enough to enjoy the sweets.

The rest of you take heart: Another Godiva giveaway is in the offing. Not right away, but soon.

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Practical Parsimony was the winner of this week’s giveaway, a $20 Amazon.com certificate.

I’m sure her grandson will be relieved, because Practical P. plans to spend the scrip on an iTunes card for her grandson, to “accompany the boring bathrobe I am giving him.”

Happy birthday, grandson — dodged a bullet there.

In other news:

Beyond Tupperware: Frugal food storage,” my most recent post at Get Rich Slowly, was selected for the Carnival of Personal Finance at Wallet Blog.

Celebrate ‘Shred Your Credit Card Day’ and win” made the cut at the Festival of Frugality at Cash Money Life.

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A couple of carnivals.

My work is in two blog carnivals this week.

If life is the currency, I’m already rich” was chosen for the Festival of Frugality over at Money Beagle.

Who would Jesus strafe?” is in the Best of Me Symphony at Dodgeblogium.

The benefit of blog carnivals is that you get introduced to a lot of different sites you probably wouldn’t have found on your own — which means, of course, that you get introduced to a lot of different points of view. Check out the links above and stretch your brain a bit. It hurts only for a little while.

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My writing is in three personal finance blog carnivals this week.

What do we want to be? A few thoughts on labor” was selected for the Carnival of Money Stories at Eventual Millionaire.

What’s with the shopping cart? Or: Art vs. commerce” is in the Carnival of Personal Finance at Sustainable Life Blog.

Finally, last week’s Smart Spending blog essay, “Attract girls even if you still live at home,” is in the Festival of Frugality at Sweating the Big Stuff.

If you want to find new ways to save money, invest money or think about money differently, the carnivals are a good place to start.

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It’s a little after 1 a.m. and I’m writing from my dad’s place in South Jersey. Already sweating, and boy, are those crickets loud. You forget.

Had to rewrite a paragraph for the next “Living With Less” column — didn’t want the editor to have to wait until tomorrow — so as long as I was up I thought I’d let people know what gives here in the land of tomatoes and prisons.

For starters, I had an excellent experience flying on United Airlines. Not a single flight attendant cursed or leaped out of the plane, beer in hand.

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