thThe last movie-based giveaway drew 135 entries. That shouldn’t have surprised me, because relatively few people would turn down a free movie ticket. I’d like to win a free movie ticket myself.

But this week it’s your turn, not mine. The giveaway prize is a $10 card to AMC Theatres.

Think of it: At least one (and maybe more than one) movie you don’t have to pay to see. Just swipe that card and enter your local palace of dreams.

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Screen_Shot_2015-01-06_at_4.54.26_PM_t670In 2002 Kelly Sangree got fired. She was eight months pregnant, her (now-ex) husband earned only a quarter of what she did – and they’d already been having trouble paying the bills.

The couple struggled financially and ultimately broke up. Due to health issues (hers and a daughter’s) Sangree moved in with her parents and scrambled to contribute to the household while paying off debt accumulated during her marriage.

Sangree wrote a book about her experiences. If you’re facing reduced income for any reason – job loss, rapid debt repayment, an entrepreneurial dream – then “Hard Core Poor: A Book On Serious Thrift” can help.

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th-1The Academy Awards are approaching. How many of the likely-to-be-nominated flicks have you seen?

It’s a little scary how expensive a movie ticket has gotten, yet for some films there’s just nothing like the big screen. This week’s giveaway will give you a head start.

If you win, you’ll get your choice of either a $10 Fandango gift card or a $10 AMC Theatres gift card. That should cover (or nearly cover) the cost of a nighttime screening. Skip the popcorn and go to a matinee or a second-run house and the scrip could pay for two films.

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happiness of pursuitAs others have pointed out, the Declaration of Independence doesn’t guarantee us happiness – merely its pursuit. Entrepreneur and author Chris Gillebeau has written a book that uses numerous (and varied!) bliss treks to illustrate how we might seek our own personal definitions of fulfillment.

The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life” is based on the author’s own personal challenge (to visit all the countries of the world before age 35) and also on the fascinating endgames sought by others.

These aren’t famous people with deep pockets and a need to tell the universe how great they are. Instead, Guillebeau chose “ordinary people working toward extraordinary goals.”

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thIf you’re ordering any holiday gifts from Amazon, this week’s giveaway will boost your budget somewhat.

Specifically: I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift card, and doing so earlier than usual to allow for on-time shipping. The drawing will be on Saturday evening instead of Tuesday evening.

Rather than mail the card I’ll simply e-mail the code for the scrip. Those with Amazon Prime memberships could order gifts as late as Monday and have them delivered in time for wrapping on Christmas Eve.

(That is, if the requested items are in stock, you procrastinator.)

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