Taye Diggs is my bestie.

Well, maybe not a true BFF. We don’t go to the movies or take turns hosting the holidays, and I’ve never once babysat his kid.

But he follows me on Twitter! Here’s the e-mail that proves it:


Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 9.43.12 AM


This was the most exciting thing that’s happened to me since I got the e-mail saying “Marlo Thomas is now following you on Twitter.” Wish I’d saved that screen shot.


thWhy would Diggs, a successful (and adorable) actor, want to follow a personal finance blogger of a certain age? Is it because I used to review children’s books and interview children’s authors and Diggs has written two well-received titles in the genre? (“Mixed Me!” and “Chocolate Me!”)

Or maybe it’s just because I’m awesome?

Nice try. Fact is his interest is less personal and more algorithmic. Yes, it’s all about the social media strategies.


It isn’t random — and it isn’t personal

Lance Laifer, the guy who handles the Internetz for Diggs, would not reveal the secret sauce to GQ magazine. He did say that “there’s no defined path.”

Laifer also said that “every follower on Twitter is not equal.”

Does that mean I’m a super-special snowflake who stands out among Twitter’s 313 million users? Not exactly. I’m just about as equal as the other 600,000-plus people Diggs follows – including, apparently, an entire Connecticut police department.

Why them? Why me? Laifer said his company doesn’t “randomly” target people on Twitter. For example, he doesn’t follow all the people Diggs follows and all the followers of those followers.

Which is just as well, since I wouldn’t have been found that way – I don’t follow Diggs. Maybe I should, though. If we really did get to be pals I bet he could get me Idina Menzel’s autograph.


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  1. Hey Donna –you’re super-special to *us*!

  2. It isn’t random and it isn’t personal – classic line!

  3. Melissa F.

    That is cool! I am jealous and now I want to go watch How Stella Got Her Groove Back again! Oh and in case he sees this, my twitter name is @jimmiss71 and my phone number is 724…..just kidding. He can message me for that. HA!

  4. Lenes Stoute

    Yes, Donna you are special. Every woman of a certain age deserves to be followed by a gorgeous,well-built very talented man. I have loved Taye Diggs since I saw him in the movie “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”. I am an even bigger fan now that he has the good sense to follow you.

  5. Catseye

    Hey, Taye Diggs follows you on Twitter! Who cares why?!? Yes, follow him, you never know what might happen. ;o)

  6. Lake Livin'

    Now you know how **I** felt when I got to meet you! 😀 Also, he & Idina are divorced now, but they share a son, so I’m sure he can still get you that autograph!

    • Donna Freedman

      Yeah, I figure they’re probably on speaking terms at least, even if the speaking is mostly “What time should I pick up the baby?”

      And thanks for the compliment. I enjoyed meeting you and the other K.

  7. Well, I don’t twitter or is it tweet? Plus, I have never heard of Taye Diggs and never saw How Stella Got Her Groove Back, but I am happy for you. Now, I have to go and do some catching up.

  8. It might be algorithmic. Still, there are two personal (not random!) reasons I can think of why he is now following you:

    He likes to be money-savvy and has heard you are very inspiring not only in a practical sense (info and advice) but also in a motivational sense (the mind-set, the fun factor).

    He has his heart set on the role of a dashing financial adviser in an upcoming movie project and wants to surprise the casting director by being impressively well-informed.

    Indirect compliments all intended!

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