The green sneaks up on you.

thI spent part of Mother’s Day running errands, including stopping by a charity yard sale, going to the credit union, doing a little Dumpster wading and buying a few groceries. Mostly it was an excuse to be out and about on yet another perfect day.

We’ve had a run of them lately: sunny, sunny, sunny days with temps reaching as high as 70. In southcentral Alaska in May, that’s petty darned warm. In fact, it set a record, and I’ve got the sunburn to prove it.

So does my great-nephew:



(His mother really does feed him, and you should see how he chows down at Café Awesome. He’s just a beanpole.)

Yes, I know the rest of the world considers that mild. I lived on the East Coast and in the Midwest myself. Just be happy for us that we’re getting marvelous weather.

And marvelous scenery. After a slow start the trees are green lace against azure fabric. Just a few days ago they were tentative but now everywhere you look is leafy. The green sneaks up on you, as it does every year.

Dandelions bloom everywhere, even in hard-packed gravel, and the still-snowy mountains are gorgeous silhouetted against that nonstop blue. Geese peck along roadsides and splash in standing water, and every time I see a moose it’s chewing.

Strawberry plants are up (though weeks from blossoming) and rhubarb is making a run for it as well; the two may meet in the kitchen some time in late June. This is a gorgeous state, even if you live in the city.

Another type of growth

Everywhere I went – the yard sale, Walgreens, Fred Meyer, the recycling center – I heard “happy Mother’s Day” or “hope you’re having a great Mother’s Day.” I got it both from the counter help and an elderly customer at McDonald’s, where I stopped to replenish fluids sucked away by the sun (and to eat some fries to guard against sodium imbalances).

Was I having a great Mother’s Day? Sure. This morning DF fixed a wonderful frittata with caramelized onion, Italian-seasoned turkey sausage and, of course, lots of eggs. While he lamented having forgotten to stir in some of the kale we dehydrated last summer, and said that next time he’d add potatoes, I thought it was delicious.

With it we had spinach salad and homemade rolls, and I topped off the repast with yogurt and rhubarb compote made from the last bag from the freezer. As noted, those rhubarb plants are emerging from the ground – they also sneak up on you – and the crop should be pretty bountiful given that DF split the mother plant last year.

Oh, and my daughter is pregnant again.

Hoping against hope

That would have made it a pretty splendid Mother’s Day were it not for her previous four miscarriages. In fact, due to a situation she explains in this post, Abby went to the hospital for an ultrasound the other day.

According to the blurry belly pictures, she’s currently five weeks along. The last four pregnancies all stopped developing at about six or seven weeks.

As you can imagine, we’re all on tenterhooks right now (which is exactly as uncomfortable as it sounds), hoping and hoping while trying not to hope too hard.

This was a pretty good illustration of the biblical prophecy, “in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children.” The sorrow doesn’t get much greater than losing a pregnancy, unless it’s watching your beloved child endure miscarriage after miscarriage.

Truth be told, my pain is nothing compared to hers. If I could assume it myself, I would – which is, I guess, a pretty good illustration of motherhood.

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  1. Nancy

    That sunburn looks just like the one I have from walking around yard saleing/garage saleing on Saturday. And I’m praying for Abby.

  2. Holly S

    your nephew looks like he is built like my #1 grandson. So thin the Dr questions what DD2 is feeding hime and he is a voracous eater.

    Good lukc to Abby. We are al hoping for her.

  3. My son wore and 11 slim for two solid years and just got taller. He stuffed himself all day long but then ran lots. I hope Abby can keep this baby inside. At this point, the doctors probably have plans as to what to do. After several miscarriages, the doctors finally helped her to have successful pregnancies. It was stressful to me too, because she was my baby who was going through lots of misery.

  4. Cathy in NJ

    Glad the good weather has come:) Your nephew looks perfectly normal. He is just a slim build. We are so accustomed to chubby children. I said prayers for your daughter Abby and the baby. My sister recently had a daughter after a miscarriage and doctors telling her she had only a 2% chance of ever getting pregnant. Well she got pregnant and delivered premature. The wonderful hospitals Penn and CHOP delivered the baby and the little girl is doing great.

  5. Sarah Lamb

    All of my thoughts and wishes and prayers for your daughter. I hope this one is the first of several, that she gets to keep.

  6. All the very best to Abby and the rest of your family. I will be thinking very strong “growing and thriving” thoughts and sending them in her direction.

    Enjoy your wonderful weather!

  7. Prayers for Abby.

  8. Congrats to Abby and sending you prayers and positive thoughts. 🙂

  9. Kim Kelley

    Donna, I feel your pain and anxiety for your daughter; I’ve been going through the same thing with mine for the past couple of years. My prayers are so fervently with all of you.

  10. Abby has been through WAY too much for one young woman.

  11. Happy late Mother’s day. The love was there just late. Grandpa was dying and we drove to upper WI. I told everyone they can make up for it next year.
    And prayers are with you and Abby.


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