Tomorrow’s Tweetchat could make you $100 richer.

thThose of you who actually enter the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes [hand goes up] may remember the $5,000 bonus award you could get if the PCH team ever showed up at your front door.

You were supposed to look at the camera and say something like, “I just won a gazillion dollars in the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes! Now I know it’s real!”

Why someone who’d just won a gazillion dollars would be compos mentis enough to remember to say that – and why he’d even care about an extra five grand – was never explained to my satisfaction. That won’t stop me from pirating the slogan, however:

“Last month I won a $100 Amazon card from the Ally Bank Tweetchat! Now I know it’s real!”


Ally Bank Tweetchat screenshot (winner!)

(Yeah, that’s some teeny print. But if you click on the screenshot you’ll see my Twitter handle, @DLFreedman, as one of the winners.)

I already knew it was real, because a Surviving and Thriving reader wrote to tell me she’d won a card. That made me happy.

You may already be a winner!

It would also make me happy if one (or two!) of you guys won the Amazon scrip at tomorrow’s Ally Bank Tweetchat. Certainly it’s a topic to which we can all relate: “Developing enviable saving habits.”

From 2 to 3 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, Sept. 30 you’re invited to join in a virtual conversation about the savings mindset, teaching kids about saving and how you put money aside. Re that last: Those of you who are saving despite financial challenges will have a lot to share, so please do.

You must be following @AllyBank and @Bankrate to qualify to win one of two randomly awarded Amazon cards. You must also RSVP at this Ally Bank blog post.

Follow the chat on Twitter by using hashtags #AllyBRChat and #sweeps, or sign in at the Ally Bank Tweetchat room. At the very least you’ll likely learn some new tips and have the chance to share your own. It’s nice to be in a chat with people who think along the same lines.

Last month I almost didn’t enter because things were just frantic that day:

  • I was keeping an eye on my great-nephews so my niece the teacher could set up her classroom.
  • I had several rapidly approaching deadlines.
  • DF’s son was over to work on a backyard project for us, but at the time the chat began he was in the house, talking at his usual rapid pace.

My head was all over the place so I thought, “Why not throw another task into the mix? Even though I’m not going to win.”

But I did, and I did. You, too, may already be a winner – but unless you show up at the chat, you’ll never know.

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  1. ro in san diego

    I would love to win. I follow you on FB

  2. ro in san diego

    I follow you by email too

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