Tuesday short takes. (Now with more moose!)

MJ is the winner of the box o’ Christmas oddities, courtesy of RetailMeNot.com. I just returned from the post office. Maybe there will be a Christmas miracle, i.e., it will get there on time.

A whole bunch of you sure liked that bling mug, aka the “2 Carat Coffee Cup.” If you’re interested in getting one of your own, start your shopping here — and be sure to look for a coupon code, too.

In other news:

My latest Get Rich Slowly piece is now up. “Getting paid to tell lies: Mystery shopping as a frugal hack” gives you a glimpse of the clandestine world of secret shopping. Well, actually, it’s not mysterious at all — and after reading the “10 reasons that mystery shopping is a frugal hack” part of the post, you might decide you want to get involved, too.

Blog carnival fail: I accidentally entered the same post two weeks in a row for the Carnival of Personal Finance. Boy, is that embarrassing. I promise to be more careful in the future. But I am including both links here, so as not to slight the hosts, Mighty Bargain Hunter and Financial Highway. May I suggest that you check out both CoPF incarnations, stocked as they are with good reads from people who are probably too smart to enter the same piece twice?

Blog carnival success:Practice stealthy acts of kindness” made it into the Festival of Frugality this week. This time I entered only once.

Live (but not smart) from Fairbanks: The Anchorage Daily News recently ran an article about recess in the far north. It mentioned a school principal who goes outdoors at minus 31. In his shirtsleeves. On purpose.

Ain’t that cute?: My great-nephew, who’s 4, can’t get his head around the phrase “Christmas Eve.” He persists in calling it “Christmas Evening.” Awwww. My niece’s two boys have helped me understand why people get absolutely stupid about their grandchildren. I bore total strangers with stories of their cuteness. Also their muddiness.

Merry Chris-moose: I saw five moose in one day last week. Another ungulate spent most of the day in my niece’s back yard. And because the clouds had moved in, my hostess and I missed last night’s lunar eclipse but got a nice view of a different kind of moon, i.e., a great big moose butt. (The north end of the critter was gnawing on a neighbor’s shrubbery.) Those of you who don’t get nearly enough moose in your lives should check back in on Friday, because this week’s giveaway involves Alces alces.

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