Vegan condoms. Who knew?

thMy new once-a-month gig at The Real Deal has begun and it’s going to be a keeper. How do I know? Because the editor left in my reference to “ethical, vegan and fair-trade condoms.”

Apparently some condom manufacturers use “animal byproducts” in the manufacture of their love sacks. Fortunately for vegans, cruelty-free alternatives do exist – and you can even get coupons for them. 

The Real Deal is a blog published by Retail Me Not, the online coupon code behemoth (and finder of vegan condom coupons). I got hired to write a “best things to buy this month” feature, and since the editor is also a former print newshound I’m expected to do old print newshound things. You know, like research. And interviews. In return the editor will also do old print newshound things, like fact-checking and editing.

Hope you’ll take a minute to read (and comment on?) the inaugural article, “What to buy in February: TVs and recliners – duh! – but don’t forget the condoms.” I also hope that you’ll have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

Where else I’ve been writing

What do Baby Boomers and Millennials have in common?” was published on the Experian News blog way back on Nov. 20, but I forgot to mention it until now. Oops. (The answer, by the way: “Stereotyping, retirement issues and, sometimes, a residence.”)

Due to recent family issues I haven’t been writing super-frequently at my other day job, Money Talks News. (Need to get my head back in the game, since, uh, I’ve got to make a living.) Here’s what’s come out since my last update:

How to pay bottom dollar for diapers”: Yep, the pun was intentional – and it was not alone. (For the corollary, see “7 tips to save money on cloth diapers.”)

4 simple tactics to fatten your bank account”: Part of the “Resolutions 2014” series at MTN, the piece acknowledges that it can be tough to get started (especially if you’re already living close to the bone). Begin with a few basic tactics and you will eventually see improvement.

Kill your debt and then write its obituary”: Another in the resolutions series, it offers simple get-started techniques and also takes on the “to debt snowball or not to debt snowball?” issue.

20-plus tips to make the most of post-holiday clearance sales”: Yeah, a little late. But the same tips can help you after Valentine’s Day and Easter – and next Christmas.

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  1. Congrats on the new gig.
    Sounds like the perfect fit for you.

  2. Gee, and I thought I’d seem everything when I found home pot use tests at The Dollar Store.

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