Vote for me in the MoneyMinute contest.

thYep, I’m electioneering. This year I entered the #MoneyMinute contest sponsored by GO Banking Rates, and I’d appreciate your vote.

In fact, I’d appreciate your daily vote plus your willingness to share the info with friends and social media contacts. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The contest is being judged by reader votes vs. a panel of writing experts: Not ideal, but it’s the way this particular game is being played. That’s why I’m asking friends, relatives and readers to view my video and vote.

Personal finance bloggers were invited to submit their best money tips in a 60-second format. That’s resulted in quite a mix of topics, from the predictable (always insure your smartphone) to the offbeat (save money on sunglasses by using the 3-D specs given to you at the movies).

My own entry addresses the way we spend. Rather than tell people to save money by using coupons or by splitting restaurant meals with your partner, I’m giving people an explanation of why they should always think beyond the day.

Here’s a quick snippet of my contest entry:

Think ahead. That is, think past right now. Everything you do — or don’t do — today will make a big difference to Future You. Specifically, if Current You piddles away every dime earned and uses credit cards for the rest, Future You is going to …be really pissed at Current You.

How did I spend so much on stuff I can barely remember?

Why didn’t I stick to a budget?

Why did I rely on plastic?

If only I’d thought ahead! I’d have thousands more to fund my dream.

Because dreams are great, right? But here’s a funny thing: Unless we do something about them, our dreams exist only while we’re sleeping or woolgathering.

The things we want most don’t just happen. We make them happen. That takes creativity, planning and work.


I’m dreaming big

My video is actually 59 seconds long and not technically a video but rather a slide show. While other bloggers are aces at podcasting and vlogging, I’m old-school enough to stick with letting my words do all the work.

Pretty sure that mine is the only contest entry that quotes Col. Norman Vaughan: “Dream big and dare to fail.”

Of course, you won’t fail if you follow the advice in my slide show. Simply click on the little green thumb’s-up icon beneath the video box.

You can do this every day through Aug. 31. However, you should click only once per viewing; clicking on it a second time cancels your vote.

Confusing enough for you? Let’s review:

  • Please watch the video.
  • Click once only on the thumb’s-up image.
  • Share the link with your friends via social media or e-mail.
  • Come back and do it all over again the next day, through Aug. 21.
  • And thank you very much.

Four prizes will be awarded: a $1,000 cash prize and three $200 Visa gift cards. I’d like to think I could win one, even though I don’t have the same command of social media that some (well, most) of the other entrants possess.

On the other hand, I’ve got Norman and he’s way cool.

Thanks for any help you can give. Remember: A solvent blogger is a happy blogger.

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  1. Done! It’s now on my calendar to do every day. Good luck.

  2. Voted and shared!

  3. Me too!

  4. Donna, I have been following you online for about 4 years now and I just voted for your entry. Not because the vote is for you, but because I watched your slide show and was impressed by your very important message. Good luck, you deserve to win. Will be back voting tomorrow.

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