Welcome, Grandparents.com readers!

thI thought my website’s dashboard was playing an April Fool’s Day trick on me when I got up this morning: Not even 8:30 a.m. and I already had nearly 1,200 page views.

Nope: It was because more than 600 of you had read “6 everyday habits that are draining your wallet” in the Grandparents.com e-newsletter and then trotted over here to read my linked post, “14 ways to get off the kid-gift treadmill.”

Welcome to all of you, and I hope you stick around to read a little more. As noted in the “About” section of this site, Surviving and Thriving is my playground for words, a place to express ideas that don’t always fit neatly into other sites’ expectations.

Sometimes that’s in a fun way, e.g., “Midlife love rocks! (Ask me how I know).”

Sometimes it’s a midlife-musing way, as in “The bottle blonde at the DMV.”

And sometimes I just get really angry about something and need to vent, such as “Think you’re broke? You probably aren’t.”

I write what I see around me and I write from the inside of my head. (Hint: It’s really messy in there.) Although personal finance/intentional living is a recurring theme, you’ll see all sorts of topics posted here; see “Popular posts” for some of my favorites.

Hope you’ll consider subscribing, or at least checking back in. Even better: Read something and leave a comment. My site is all about starting the conversations.

Oh, and every week I post a giveaway on either Friday or Saturday. The prizes range from books to gift cards to toys to chocolate. Life may be odd over here, but it’s rarely dull.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. A great way to start your day with 1200 page views!I have several blogs I read every day, and yours is always the first one I click on. Love your writing, your sense of humor and your messages!

  2. Hi Donna! Glad I found your blog, I look forward to catching up with what you have been doing, it has been a few years since you interviewed me for MSN, hope things are going well. 😀

  3. InsuranceGal

    Congratulations, Donna, and welcome new readers!

    I’ve been a Donna Freedman fan for years. Her friendly writing style is filled with useful frugal tips and tricks.

    One of the many lessons she has taught me: There is a difference between being cheap and frugal. AMEN!!!

  4. Lee & Ted DeLaMatter

    Donna :
    I’m so glad I ran into you in an article on retailmenot(glad I took the time to read it!) My husband and I are retired and disabled and it seems like even though the economy gets more costly, it never shows in our social security check. It’s hard enough on one check, but not even a cost of living increase like many people have today. I’m forced to buy everything on sale and use coupons. Thank God for people like you that are here to give us all the helpful info and resources we need to save money. Your sense of humor s refreshing and can even help save my sanity when I almost felt like throwing the towel in. Thank you & Blees you Donna!

    • Donna Freedman

      Thanks for your kind words. Be sure to come back at least once a week, since I announce a giveaway every Friday or Saturday (depending on how organized I am). Usually those prizes in some way affect the bottom line: a book on how to save money, say, or a gift card.

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