What I’m writing, and a TweetChat that might pay.

thA regular feature on the Get Rich Slowly blog is “Ask the Readers.” Last week’s question was “How can we improve Get Rich Slowly?

Imagine my preenery when a handful of readers replied, “Bring back Donna Freedman.”

Rumors of my return as a full-time staffer have been greatly exaggerated. However, I’ll be contributing a few things here and there, starting with “Why you must teach your children about money.”

The article is actually in two parts, with the second half running this Thursday. As the title indicates, it’s about the disservice we do our children when we send them out into the world without much understanding of personal finance.

The stakes are much higher than most of us realize. For example, having a good credit score can be a big help to young adulthood, as it can affect everything from housing to employment. Yet it’s tough to build one when you’re in the midst of going to college or working at a right-out-of-high-school job that’s likely not to pay much.

For extra credit: Some experts think that our money attitudes and behaviors are formed by age 7. No pressure, parents.

I’d be interested in feedback, in the GRS comments section of my own.

Other recent sightings

Yet another piece up at Grandparents.com. “How to win free gift cards” is another fairly self-explanatory title.

While doing the research I discovered a new rewards program, Zoombucks, that looks an awful lot like my favorite program, Swagbucks. I started an account there so that I could describe it in the Grandparents.com piece; while I will probably keep it active, I still think Swagbucks has a better cash-out ratio and makes it easier to win.

You may also want to try it as a complement to your own points-seeking behavior. If you use the above link, I will get a bonus; if you don’t want to do that, then just go to the site and sign up. (Hint: Do a Swagbucks search for “Zoombucks.” Maybe you’ll win.)

Two more pieces up at my day job, Money Talks News:

7 ways to go to the movies for free” – you know you want to go, so why pay more than you must?

26 tips for a financial sane vacation” – these tips are evergreen, not seasonal, so take a look even if you’ve already taken a summer trip.

Win a $100 Amazon gift card

I thought that would get your attention. Two of those $100 cards will be given away at a TweetChat sponsored by Ally Bank and Bankrate.com.

The theme is “Proud moments: Accomplishing sophisticated financial goals,” and organizers want participants to share “personal stories, savings knowledge or motivational tips.”

Don’t have anything you’re comfortable sharing? Ask a question instead.

The TweetChat takes place at 2 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, July 29. I find it easier to participate via Ally Bank’s TweetChat room.

To be eligible to win you must RSVP at the “Proud moments” link, above, and be following both @AllyBank and @Bankrate. Winners will be selected at random. Here’s hoping that one of them is you.

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  1. Holly S

    Always read you on GRS when you have an article there. Did read the Grandparents article. Will look for the money talks posts.

  2. Thanks for posting about where you’re posting. I enjoy your writing no matter the topic.

  3. Carolina Cooper

    Of course I know what preening is, but “preenery”? Did you invent that one? No matter, I am appropriating it for future use. And go right ahead and fluff your feathers–you deserve it.

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