You want these macarons.

Yes, that’s “macarons,” not “macaroons.” The macaron is a meringue-like cookie filled with a jam or cream filling. Sounds nice, right? But wait until you hear how they’re done by the Sucré Sweet Boutiques and Confection Studio, a New Orleans specialty shop that’s sponsoring this week’s giveaway.

One of you is going to get the 15-piece Signature Macaron Collection, whose flavors are almost too good to share.

Pecan, obviously — this is the South. But you’ll also get chocolate, almond, pistachio, strawberry, hazelnut, salted caramel and bananas Foster.


If you win, don’t tell anybody. They’ll just want a bite.

I live too far away from Sucré to test the wares myself. But you’ve got to love a bakery that devotes part of its site to “Obsessions” — treats like candied violet chocolate bars, handmade Tahitian marshmallows, candied pecans, and Sicilian pistachio, rose petal and chocolate bars.

This being New Orleans, you can get king cakes. This week, however, Sucré is donating a more petite treat.

To enter:

If you do any (or all!) of these things, please leave separate, additional comments to get credit for each entry.

The deadline is 7 p.m. PDT Tuesday, May 21. If I don’t hear back from the winners by 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 22, I’ll pull two more names.

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  1. Susan

    Those look delicious. Hope I win!

  2. Susan

    I subscribe via RSS.

  3. The salted caramel looks delicious! Thanks for hosting the contest.

  4. Kristin


  5. Donna, if you have never been to NOLA, you really need to go! And not at Mardi Gras!! An early-October stroll around the Garden District is lovely, and early March can be quite pleasant, too. I went to grad school in Louisiana and have several pleasant (and stone-cold sober, LOL) memories of NOLA.

  6. Tegan

    macarons are my favorite thing in the world

  7. Tegan

    I subscribe via RSS

  8. Tegan

    I “like” you on Facebook

  9. These macarons might be too pretty to eat, but I’m willing to give it a try. For posterity.

  10. Kim McCallie

    I would love to win. I’ve never had a macaron, but these look like a good place to start the journey.

  11. Kim McCallie

    I follow on Twitter.

  12. Laure

    Wow — look delicious!

  13. Laure

    I subscribe via email.

  14. Laure

    I also follow you on Twitter

  15. Katherine

    I subscribe via RSS.

  16. Martha

    I’d love a chance to win, thanks!

  17. Sandra Gonzales

    They look delicious!

  18. Sandra Gonzales

    I follow you on twitter.

  19. Sandra Gonzales

    I follow you on FB.

  20. Sandra Gonzales

    I subscribe via email too.

  21. Tryna

    Yummy! Love what you do Donna!

  22. Diana

    Would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Yum!

  24. Jenny

    Never tried one, but they look yummy!

  25. Virginia

    I was just in NOLA at the end of April, and my sister and I hit SUCRE on our last day there. EVERYTHING in the store was just amazing! Thank you for such a tasty contest!

  26. I love macarons. And NOLA. And this blog.

  27. I follow via RSS reader, as well.

  28. AND I follow you on twitter. And did I mention that I enjoy macarons? 🙂

  29. lucinda


  30. lucinda

    Salted carmel, yummy

  31. Karen

    sounds delicious

  32. lucinda

    I just ate a orange one from limited Mothers day collection!

  33. These things are amazingly delicious. I always take my mother a box whenever I visit her.

  34. Linsey Stern

    I subscribed via e-mail!

  35. Linsey Stern

    Every time I am in NOLA I go to Sucre, would love to win!!

  36. Linsey Stern

    I am following Surviving and Thriving on Facebook!

  37. I NEED these, I dream about Sucre Macaroons – I don’t think you understand how badly I want these. Look at me, now I’m drooling on my computer!

  38. Karen Demarini

    Me! Memememememememe! Pick me!!!

  39. I just subscribed! Your blog looks cool, excited to read.

  40. Sarah

    I’ve tried many of their macarons and the strawberry are delicious!

  41. Sarah

    I follow you on facebook.

  42. Lauren

    Looks delish! I love Sucre and miss it so much since having moved back to Los Angeles. Let it be me!

  43. Wow! Those look AMAZING!

  44. Cherie U.

    I live in NOLA and Sucre is the ONLY bakery in the city that I buy any baked goods from. Everything in their store is amazing!! Getting ready to order my daughter’s 21st bday cake from them.

  45. Kristen

    Mmmm the pistachio looks delicious!

  46. Justin Bruss

    Ever since my girlfriend and I visited Sucre last year after a long day of enjoying Magazine St. Ive been trying to get my hands on some more of those macarons for her! Id pay the $15 any day but it costs almost twice that to ship them!
    I sure hope I win!

  47. Kathryn

    I would love to win! I do love to treat myself-mmmm, chocolate.

  48. Yes, yes I do want those macarons! I follow you via RSS.

  49. Kathryn

    I subscribe via email.

  50. I also follow you on Twitter.

  51. Caitlin

    I love Sucre’s macarons!!!!

  52. And I “like” you on Facebook. Short of sitting on your doorstep, I think I’ve got your activities covered! 😉

  53. Melissa F

    Did someone say salted caramel? Chocolate? Hazelnut? Bananas Foster? It sounds like heaven to me!! I would love to be included in the contest and I am going to check out their site right now! YUM!! Thanks for the contest and take care!

  54. Sarah M.

    Sucré is the best!! They also make fabulous chocolates and were named one of N. America’s top 10 chocolatiers!!

  55. O my! A few years ago, my sister took me to Paris along with a chef-friend. We spent six days searching for the best macaron. The winner was Pierre Herme. But the losers tasted fine as well!

  56. Brandi Davis Bryant

    I would love to win. Thanks. Good luck everyone.

  57. Brandi Davis Bryant

    I follow on twitter.

  58. Brandi Davis Bryant

    I follow on facebook.

  59. Brandi Davis Bryant

    I subscribed to email.

  60. Yolanda

    I visited Sucre for the first time this year and fell in love with their macarons! I would love to win!

  61. Darla

    I would love to win and taste my very first macaron!

  62. Yolanda

    I liked you on facebook!

  63. Sharon Pratt

    I love Sucre> Would love to win these.

  64. Darla

    I am a subscriber!

  65. Brandi

    If you have not had one of these, you are missing out!

  66. Beth M.

    Congratulations on your move to Alaska. Nothing like reinvention, is there?

  67. Sucre is amazing! I’d love to win these!

  68. I follow you on Twitter (@officialfitf)

  69. I subscribed to your RSS feed.
    (trippingtiffies – fashion in the forest)

  70. Meghan

    Yum! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  71. Meghan

    I follow you on Facebook.

  72. Tracy

    They all look DELICIOUS!!!

  73. Bethany

    Yummy, though I’m afraid that winning would be dangerous. Daughter A obviously gets the PINK strawberry macaron, and daughter B would be happy with anything sweet, but my husband and I would fight to the death over the salted caramel.

  74. Randa

    They’re almost too beautiful to eat!!!


  75. Sherry Dodd


  76. Jackie

    I truly enjoy your site….I’m finding it inspirational.

  77. Deb coy

    Follow on facebook and rss. Look delicious!

  78. olivia tokarz

    I need these!!! Yummmmm!

  79. Thank you for the clarification of the correct name – drives mr CRAZY when people call them macaroons!

  80. I had my first Sucre macaron in March and it was fabulous! Would love to win them!

  81. Following you on Twitter @mypinkmixerblog

  82. vickie jean

    I love the sound of those flavors and they look delicious

  83. vickie jean

    i get your emails

  84. vickie jean

    i follow you on fb

  85. vickie jean

    i follow you on twitter-grandmasreading

  86. Marcia

    These look beautiful and the flavors are outstanding! Wow!

  87. Marcia

    I follow you on twitter!

  88. Marcia

    I follow you on facebook!

  89. Pedro

    My sweet tooth thanks you.

  90. Pedro

    I subscribe via RSS.

  91. Anita

    i just had my first ever macaron today!!! OMG i am in love with these beautiful and heavenly confections!!! only wish i could afford them.

  92. Samantha

    Man I want these! I’d even share the flavors I’m not so keen on.

  93. Samantha


  94. Lynda

    i love macarons!!

  95. Lynda

    i subscribe by rss

  96. Lynda

    i follow on twitter @oshkoshbgosh321

  97. Lynda

    i like you on facebook

  98. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    You’re absolutely right–I want those! The macarons are beautiful and the flavors sound delicious. Thanks for the giveaway.

  99. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    already a subscriber

  100. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I already like you on Facebook

  101. Cindy Brooks

    These sound like a treat my sweet husband would really love!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  102. Cindy Brooks

    e-mail subscriber
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  103. Cindy Brooks

    like you on facebook
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  104. Things Sweet Dreams are made of ! Yummy!

  105. petra

    I’ve never had a macaron before, but these look absolutely delicious — especially the chocolate one!

  106. petra

    I get your posts via email

  107. petra

    I follow on twitter (moeyshay)

  108. petra

    I get your updates on fb (Moey Shay)

  109. petra

    I’m an RSS subscriber

  110. They look delicious! I am an email subscriber.

  111. They look delicious. I subscribe by email.

  112. Thanks for the chance to win.

  113. I follow you on Facebook.

  114. I subscribe via email.

  115. CSMiluk

    YUM! I subscribe via email

  116. CSMiluk

    I’m now following you on Twitter

  117. Mrs. Short

    Yum! I’ve never had a macaron. I follow on Twiiter.

  118. Mrs. Short

    And Facebook

  119. Mrs. Short

    And I’m a subscriber

  120. Jackie

    These look delicious! I’d like to try the Pistachio.
    Thank you!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  121. Jackie

    I subscribe via email
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  122. Jackie

    I follow on facebook (Jackie Villano)
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  123. I’d love to get those! We had similar ones in S. CA and they were delicious.

  124. carol

    simply fab!

  125. rosarugosa

    You are so right; I DO want these!

  126. judyyy

    Yes I want them!

  127. judyyy

    email subscriber

  128. judyyy

    facebook fan

  129. Caroline Kipps

    And they are so pretty, too! I get emails.

  130. Caroline Kipps

    And follow on facebook!

  131. Michelle King

    Yum! I would love to win. 🙂

  132. Kim P

    How fancy! I hope I win!

  133. Teinegurl

    I follow you on Twitter

  134. Teinegurl

    I’m subscribed via email

  135. Teinegurl

    Oh I hope I win

  136. Catseye

    Me! Me! Pick me, Donna! ;o)

  137. Catseye

    I also subscribe to your RSS feed, so pick me! ;o)

  138. Terry Whitaker

    Wow! These look super delish! I would love to win this special treat!

  139. Those look soo yummy! I hope I win. I have an email subscription.

  140. I also follow on FB & Twitter.

  141. Ellen G

    These would be such a nice treat for summer with sorbet!

  142. Rusty

    You’re right… I do want those macarons

  143. Rusty

    Rss feed

  144. Rusty

    Ima facebook fan

  145. Rusty

    I subscribe to emails

  146. Joan Varner

    Definitely would love to try these. They look delicious.

  147. Joan Varner

    I follow you on Facebook.

  148. Diana B

    Yes, I do want those macaroons, please.

  149. Diana B

    I subscribe via reader.

  150. Diana B

    I like you on Facebook.

  151. Barbara Calder

    They look like very tasty treats. I know my family would love them.

  152. Barbara Calder

    I follow on surviving and thriving on facebook.

  153. Barbara Calder

    I subscribe by email to surviving and thriving. Thanks.

  154. Terri M

    These would be wonderful for an afternoon on my porch with my girlfriends!

  155. & I subscribe via email

  156. Melody

    I would really like to try these!

  157. Libby

    I was going to say “yum” but someone else used that one…LOL I’ve been reading your internet articles for a couple of years now and I love your practicality. If I weren’t such a procrastinator, I would have followed your advice and had a nice nest egg by now. Thanks for the competitions.

  158. Sarah Fallow


  159. Sarah Fallow

    I also follow you on Facebook!

  160. They look delicious!

  161. I subscribe by RSS.

  162. Valerie

    They look delicious!

  163. Valerie

    I follow you on FB.

  164. Valerie

    I subscribe via RSS (Google Reader).

  165. Linda

    These look delicious!

  166. Linda

    Subscribe by email

  167. Linda

    Like on Facebook

  168. Linda

    Follow on Twitter

  169. This treat is heavenly. I’ve tasted this is it’s pretty yummy! Don’t mind if we have some.

  170. Woot! I want some macarons! Or macaroons!

  171. Tracey

    Those sound yummy!

  172. Terry

    Pick me!

  173. Terry

    Facebook too!

  174. Sucre is the best, and yay on Detroiters.

  175. I love macarons!

  176. I subscribe via RSS

  177. And I follow you on tweeter twitter twitter

  178. Sylvia

    What a sweet treat! Hope I win!

  179. Sylvia

    I also subscribe by e-mail.

  180. Tracy Stone

    Yum! I don’t think I’ll share.

  181. Tracy Stone

    I subscribe by e-mail.

  182. Tracy Stone

    I “like” you on facebook.

  183. Samantha

    These look really good, and you may just get over 200 comments trying to win!

  184. ImJuniperNow

    This may be the most-responded-to piece yet and I am pleased to join in! If I win these, I will spend a week of my vacation hiding with them.

  185. Samantha

    I follow you on Facebook.

  186. Samantha

    I follow you on Twitter.

  187. Samantha

    I subscribe via email.

  188. Samantha

    I also subscribe via RSS.

  189. Jo B.

    These look good, would love to try.

  190. Jo B.

    Signed up for email 🙂

  191. Jo B.

    follow on FB

  192. Chiquita


  193. Debra K

    Sounds delicious! Yum!

  194. Debra K

    I subscribe via RSS.

  195. Debra K

    I also follow you on FB.

  196. Catfight

    Ok, I WANT those pretty cookies!!! Lol!

  197. Terry Di Croce

    They do look delicious. Guess that is why you got so many comments.

  198. Ethan

    Those look great.


  199. rachel

    I’ve been craving macaroons!!

  200. Leigh S.

    Those look delish! Would love to win them.

  201. Margot C

    Oh those are beautiful! i grew up in New Orleans right a few blocks from where that shop is now. It was another world then.

  202. Margot C

    I signed up for your email to go to another (better, different!) box: margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  203. Margot C

    I follow you now on Twitter as @AnnaZed

  204. Oh my…. these look yummy!

  205. Sandy

    They ALL look delicious! I hope I win!


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